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How To Choose A Good Online English School

By: Amy Nutt

Studying online

Learning English online can be a very economical and effective way to learn the language. There are numerous websites and software programs that can help you use the computer to learn English. However, you could be wasting your money if you do not find an online English school that has the right properties to help you succeed.

Focuses on Immersion

One feature to look for as you look for a place to learn English online is a focus on immersion. The online teacher should speak in English at all times, using visuals to help you understand what you are hearing. Whenever possible, conversations about schoolwork should be held in English. The site itself should contain a significant amount of English text. The more you are exposed to the language, the better you will learn it, so an immersion approach is essential.

Taught by Real Native Speakers

The best English school is one that is taught by native English speakers. Just because you are learning online doesn t mean that you cannot be taught by a native English speaker. In fact, this is something you should look for when looking for a program to use. If there is no main teacher, make sure that the program includes recordings or videos of native English speakers. This will help you learn proper pronunciation of the words you are studying. This feature is particularly important if you do not have native speakers near you that you can speak with.

Allows You to Hear the Language

You will not learn English if you do not hear the language being spoken. Even an online English lesson needs to include some listening exercises. You should be able to listen to a variety of conversations, and they should be conducted by expert English speakers. You cannot learn the language well through text based English lessons alone. You must hear it being spoken.

Look for Accountability

If you are going to pay your hard earned money for an online English school, you need to make sure that you will finish the program being able to speak English. Look for a program that keeps you accountable, because you will find there are times when you do not want to work on your lessons.

You need to be logging on regularly, daily if possible, to work on your English lessons. You also need to be assigned activities like conversing with a native speaker or listening to a book on tape that is read in English. These types of assignments will help you learn the language much quicker. Without accountability of some sort, you are likely to slack in your attempt to learn the language, and you will end up wasting your money on the course because you will not follow through with what is required.

Look for a Grammar Component

While immersion is the best way to learn a language, and you should choose an online English school that immerses you in the language as much as possible, you also need to learn the science behind English. Make sure you choose an English school that will teach you grammar rules. Yes, English has many rules and many exceptions to those rules, but if you do not know the grammar rules, you are going to struggle to learn the language.

Allows You to Speak the Language

Another important part of learning a language is learning to speak it. The best English schools will give you the chance to practice the pronunciation of the language you are trying to learn. This will require a microphone and voice recording capability on your computer, but if you have this, try to find a language school that will let you practice speaking the language and give you feedback on your pronunciation.

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