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By: Fabiola Groshan

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English is the world’s second most widely spoken language, after Mandarin Chinese, and the official language of telecommunications, business and science, sport and politics, aviation and shipping, and so on. It is estimated that one third of the world’s population speaks English. In addition to being an official language to billions of people all over the world, English is the language that most people use to communicate when traveling to a foreign country. The truth is that, even when you’re not traveling to an English speaking country, you can still rely on this language to get around. Under these circumstances, there is little wonder why learning English is a necessity for so many people.

As so many people speak English in so many different countries, there are numerous different varieties of English. This, however, does not mean that you will not be able to communicate with people unless you use their particular regional dialect, intonation, pronunciation and so forth. Knowledge of Standard English is all it takes for you to be able to communicate with people who speak English, be they native speakers or otherwise.

The high demand for English courses has led to a considerable increase in the number and variety of ways to learn English. One of the most recommended methods is English lessons by telephone. The reasons why it is better to learn English by telephone or learn English online are simple: these methods are more flexible, of better quality than English classes and the prices are more than competitive.

When you learn English by Skype or learn English by telephone you are no longer committed to twice a week lessons, you do not run the risk of falling behind, you can choose the “classroom” and the time of the lesson. English lessons by Skype offer that much needed flexibility in today’s fast paced world. You are away on business? Pick up the phone or open you laptop and learn. Highly trained and qualified teachers are available 24/7.

Quality is also a plus when you choose to learn English online. By adopting this way of learning, you are no longer forced to take the courses offered by the organizations in your city. When you choose to take English lessons by telephone, your previous knowledge is first assessed and you start from there. Together with your teacher you plan your next lessons based on what you would like to learn and what your teachers believes you should improve.

English lessons by Skype or English lessons by telephone are also cheaper than classroom courses. The entire world population is a potential client for online English lessons, so it is only natural that the providing companies offer reduced prices and even discounts if you buy a larger number of courses.

So, if you learn English online, you make your own schedule, you can learn from home, from the office or any place in the world, you receive better lessons than traditional ones and you also pay less for all these advantages. There is no reason why you shouldn’t take advantage of this great opportunity. Start English lessons by telephone right now!

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