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By: Anna Peacocks

Many speaking countries

English is a language that we have learnt since young. Some of us may have started learning this language from our parents or teachers. We often use English when communicating with people from most parts of the world. It is easy to learn English because there is no accent.

Some of the English speaking countries are Canada, Ghana, India, Ireland, Philippines, Zimbabwe, Singapore, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States of America, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Pakistan.

English was first used in 450 - 1100 AD, known as the Old English. That time, Old English was more difficult to understand, as compared to Late Modern English (1800 AD Current). In between these years, there were changes and improvements in the language.

English is taught in preschool, kindergarten, primary school, secondary school, college and even university. We learn listening, speaking, reading and writing in English. Why do we need to learn so many? We need to know the following:
- Grammar which is a set of structural rule used in composing sentences, phrases, and words. Example, John was hanging the clean clothes onto the hanger when Alice came running from a dog.
- Pronunciation is a noun that shows us the way to pronounce (a verb) a word correctly.
- Vocabulary which is a set of words or phrases usually arranged in alphabetical order. Example, words and meanings in a dictionary.

English may not be our mother tongue but we can definitely improve ourselves. We can start by reading English reading materials such as magazine, newspaper and story books. As for listening materials, we can watch English programs and listen to the recordings. They are some people who learn English by singing English songs.

We often use this language when we travel to another country, for education or work purposes, for daily correspondence with our friends, family, neighbors, colleagues and teachers, for composing songs, letters or emails, computer programming and coding, and for Internet browsing and research.

Therefore, English is indeed an important language as it English is widely use in almost everything that we see, use and communicate such as advertisement, computer software, diplomats communicating with each other, and others.

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