Word Games with Synonyms - 23

Thematic word pairs:
advice, suggestions, part 1

Learning is important

The Answer:

Every solution is in the line below its respective word game, in white color.
This answer is one word pair.
Drag the mouse over the blank space after "solution:".
Read the explanation about the species below the word games block.

A middleman should not fake like a bandit. 6(1)


Symbolize your nobleness, do not abase them. 6(3)


Remain in your good dwelling, my friend. 5(3)

Solution: ABIDE-ABODE.

Oust your bad habits and you will transcend. 5(3)

Solution: EXPEL-EXCEL.

Whiten your soul, using every rift you can. 6(2)


Gobble useful books, against this deviation. 6(3)


Instigate your talents, encourage your spirit. 6(3)


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In every numbered line you have one word game (previously named "Changeable Words"). In the game's line you see two words or expressions in blue. You have to find a synonym or equivalent for each one, knowing that these 2 answers differ by only 1 letter.

After the end of each text is marked the quantity of letters of its word pair that is the answer. Within the parenthesis is the position of the letter to be changed, in the first answer, to result the second one. So, the solution is a couple of words.

These word games can be deciphered with a help of a good Thesaurus Dictionary, individually or in a school group or at your home.


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