Video: Tchaikovsky Trio with Jascha Heifetz - Part 4

Heifetz (violin), Rubinstein (piano) and Piatigorsky (cello)

De: aimson | Criado em: 02/09/2008.

Out of the hundreds and thousands of different classical recordings I have heard in my lifetime, I can safely say this is one of my favorites. Heifetz is the greatest violinist the world has ever known and this is one of his best recordings (if you don't believe me, just listen to variation #4).

Part 2: Second Movement.

I listened a thousand times to this recording, and everytime i get tears in my eyes. I fully agree that Heifetz is the greatest violinist the world has ever known. He is my God! and this is the best recording ever made of? this masterpiece. The way Heifetz sings out every note in so many different ways is fascinating and touches my? heart every time i listen to him. He has my full admiration and so does Piatigorsky and Rubinstein! They all served the astonishing world of classical music in the best way possible. What a perfect meltdown of musicians! I am glad they met and decided to play together so they could share their love for music to all of us. This trio is marvellous and their recording is in my oppinion the most interesting!

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