Video: Tchaikovsky Trio with Jascha Heifetz

Heifetz (violin), Rubinstein (piano) and Piatigorsky (cello)

De: aimson | Criado em: 02/09/2008.

Out of the hundreds and thousands of different classical recordings I have heard in my lifetime, I can safely say this is one of my favorites. Heifetz is the greatest violinist the world has ever known and this is one of his best recordings (if you don't believe me, just listen to variation #4).

Part 1: First Movement.

While I concur wholeheartedly that the music presented on this post is executed with incredible excellence, the notion that "Heifetz is the greatest violinist the world has ever known." is erroneous. The inspiration and accomplishment of musical excellence is never limited to one exceptional individual. We are all merely conduits of divine inspiration. And there are many {some of whom were never recorded} who have performed with greatness on par with? Heifetz. Heifetz is 1 of the greatest.

Of course you are right, there is no such thing as THE greatest. I'm sure there are some out there who believe my least favorite violinist (ends? with -ring) is one of the greatest, so nobody owns the right to make that label.

Jascha Heifetz is still the greatest violinist the world has ever known.

I have never heard anything more beautiful in my life than what my ears are hearing right now. This music provokes so much emotion in me that I have to wait a few weeks before listening to it again so that I have time to recover. Of course, it's not just Heifetz, Rubinstein is phenomenal and Piatigorsky? has such beautiful tone to complement the violin/piano. I think this piece should be considered one of the greatest composed along with all the other great violin concerti.

Yeah seriously, there's a reason they were called the "Million Dollar Trio". It really bothers me that no one is this good anymore. Well, there are many players who are almost this good technically, but nowadays it seems that musicians are incapable of bringing the music to life as the old masters did. I blame teachers/pedagogues for disencouraging "old? school" styles of playing. There's a reason Heifetz is the most viewed classical violinist on youtube and not Vengerov.

Well I think there is definitely a disconnect between the older and newer generation. Ironically, I believe it was Heifetz that caused the? change for the worse. Before Heifetz, it was okay to mess up, it was OK to be imperfect. Listen to Elman, he is as good of a musician as Heifetz in most ways but technique. After Heifetz raised the bar so high, it was too hard to make a career without being "perfect." So now we have good technical players (Hann) and few good musicians (Vengerov).

Also, the rise of "competitions" around the world, which weren't to my knowledge around before 1935,? contributed to the lack of musicianship we see today. The very idea that one violinist could achieve a 1st place "gold" medal and another a 2nd place "silver" is preposterous. Also, only 5% of all sales are classical. Basically, people are musically illiterate and uninterested in classical, so no wonder the talent pool of solo violinists has been diluted over the years.

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