Vídeo: Riverdance - 1

The Russian Dervish, The Show, 1995

The sixth dance of the show performed by a team of virtuous dancers from Moscow. (As far as I know, this 1995 show has never been released on DVD. These clips are captured from my very tired VHS tape. I think they are worth sharing though, because, in my opinion, this Riverdance show with Michael Flately and Jean Butler is still the best of all the versions I've seen on tape, DVD and a live one in Chicago.)

A sexta dança do show de um grupo de dançarinos virtuosos russos de Moscou. Provavaelmente esse show nunca ficou disponível em DVD. Estes clips foram obtidos de uma fita em VHS muito gasta.

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Riverdance: Russian Dervish / Morning in Macedonia
Riverdance: Russian Dervish, The New Show (Marta's Dance).

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