Motorcycle Trials

This is a video I made to give to sponsors for a national championship trials event my club is hosting in July 2010 at Donner Ski Ranch in Truckee, CA. It's meant to showcase some things that can be done on a trials bike with the best riders to people who might not know much about the sport. This is not the final version, just a nearly complete version to get opinions from other members of Sacramento PITS and those involved with the event organization.

Thanks to Geoff Aaron and his company, ERE (, for allowing us to use his Balancing Act videos to create this. Make sure you buy his awesome videos. Balancing Act 1-4 available on ERE's site. They're all legit.

Geoff Aaron - 10 time national champ.
Adam Raga - 2005 and 2006 world champ, 4 time indoor world champ.
Marc Colomer - 1996 world champ.
Dougie Lampkin - 7 time world champ, 5 time world indoor champ.
Takahisa Fujinami - 2004 world champ.
Kenichi Kuroyama.

Also, the great Jordi Tarrés (7 time world champion) is in there. But as Raga's minder only.

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Motorbike Trial - 1
Motorbike Trial - 2    Motorbike Trial - 3
Motorbike Trial - 4    Motorbike Trial - 6
Motorbike Trial - 7    Motorbike Trial - 8
Motorbike Trial - 9    Motorbike Trial - 10

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