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This Word Search, also named Word Find, brings specific terms, according to its title. Word Search is an intelligent passtime. In the left column you have all the 10 names or expressions you have to find.

Click and drag the mouse upon the word or expression you have found, from the first letter until the last one. Do it horizontally, vertically or diagonally, depending on each case. From right to left/ or left to right/ or downward/ or upward.

Always you select a correct name in the diagram, its color is transformed from navy to blue, and at the same time, the same thing happens in the left column, until you find all the wanted names.

If you give up, click the Solve button to see the solutions in the diagram. To play again, click the New Game button. The 10 words are always redistributed randomically and many (or all) of them are new, at every new game. Enjoy it!

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