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Español: Pastor kazajo fotografiado al oeste de Kazajstán.
English: Kazakh shepard with dogs and horse.
I took this picture of a shepherd in Western Kazakhstan in Feb. 2004. I own the picture.

This man lives in the steppe south of Aktobinsk, western Kazakhstan. He leaves in a small farm house with electricity but no water. He owns quite a few goats and sheep and 2 camels that I know of. He was very happy to have his picture taken. In February 2004 when I took this picture he was on his horse watching over his herd and was most likely going to spend the day sitting on his horse like this. We were driving by on our way to Aktobinsk and he left his herd for a while to come and talk to us. He carries a gun to kill any wolf who tries to get to his herd, a common problem in that area.

Français: Berger Kazakh, son cheval et ses chiens. Cet homme vit dans la steppe au sud d'Aktobinsk, dans l'ouest du Kazakhstan; dans une fermette avec l'électricité, mais sans eau courante. Il possède un grand nombre de chèvres et de moutons, et deux Chameaux. Lorsque l'image a été prise, ce berger suivait son troupeau, sur son cheval, une activité qu'il poursuivrait toute la journée. Il porte un fusil pour tuer les loups pouvant attaquer son troupeau, un problème fréquent dans la région.

Photo prise en février 2004 dans l'ouest du Kazakhstan.
Camera location Kazakh shepard with dogs and horse.jpg
50°10′0″N, 57°17′0″E 50.166666666667;57.283333333333

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